Having done my rookie race year ,I've noticed that a lot of the supertwins out there were a lot quiker in a straight line than my untuned Aprilia.This advantage is not to bad at places like Lydden hill (tight & twisty),but at Snetterton they just march off into the distance down the straights.I had'nt planned to tune my bike , but I had an enquiry from a customer so thought I'd better put my money where my mouth was and tune mine first.I'd already fitted an acropovich race can and big bore side pipe, this made no difference to the power output but saved about 6Klg in wieght.I then fitted the power commander , that gave me a gain of 2hp on the top end,so I'de been racing with about 112hp rear wheel ( these are real HP's as I have a very low reading dyno).

Having done a bit of research into cam lift and duration, I found out that the 2001 model RSV has cams that are pretty much identicle to the race spec cams you can buy ,the only advantage with the race ones is they are billet so the cam lobes can't slip, which is a possibility with the standard ones (though very unlikely).The other possibility was some 1mm oversize stainless valves,again these are less likely to brake than the standard ones because of redesigned collet collars,but I still could'nt see them giving any great power advantage by the time I'de flowed the heads and opened up the valve seats.The other big consideration was cost.You're looking at the best part of thousand pounds for cams and vavles,I figured if the engine blew I'de just buy a used one and start again.The tune I came up with was basicaly a flow job ,compresion hike and removal of the air box lid.It also took me a while to find a decent power commander map.The end result is demonstrated by these before and after Dyno runs.

If you contact me during office hours at work I will be glad help or quote you for this work.

We will also be doing a range of Aprilia parts at more sensible prices, like pattern brake & clutch levers,crash bobbins,stat eliminator,race fairing brackets etc.We also supply race tyres and have a very good deal with Michelin. Anybody who races will get a good deal on these tyres .We also supply all new & some used parts , for all makes of motorcycle .If you ring up for parts speak to phil or gary ,because I can't find anything in the stores .