Welcome to spikes-bikes.


This is spikes home website.I've tried to put a bit of helpful info on this site that interpreted in the write way should save you time and money .Unfortunately I am very limited in the time I have to spare to maintain this site , but will hopefully add to it as the year progresses .I also can't type for shit.So don't expect an email .If you want to contact me for work enquiries ring me in office hours

I 've been a partner / working mechanic in Cambridge motorcycles for 15 years & have 25 years experience of messing with bikes .I've been a succesful drag racer & tuner , recently I switched to circuit race bikes .I Built & sponsored the winnig B.M.C.R.C. ZXR400 supersport bike as riden by Ricardo Ballerini .I race an Aprilia RSVR , though I 'm no great rider .I will be running an R6 in the MRO with Ric Ballerini riding in 2003. I will be racing in the King of clubs championship,Supertwins class .

I am constantly on a steep learning curve when it comes to racing and try when giving advice not to pass on info I have'nt at least tried & tested myself ,this I feel is how you gain a good reputation .For any bullshit I may transmit I'll apologise now.